Video Games Programmer

About me

I'm Martin, a 23-year old video games developer from Argentina.

I started learning programming in 2013 and decided to become a video games developer in 2015. That year I co-founded Versatile Box, and we developed multiple small games together.

In early 2017, I started my professional career as a video games developer and joined the Dutch artist Moon Moon Moon to make a game. Thanks to that game, we got hired by Tim Knol to make Tim Knol: I'm Not Ready For The City, a small adventure for browsers and mobile based on his just-released single.

In 2018 I founded Rookbird Games, the first consulting video games development studio in my city. We're currently working on several projects for PC and mobile platforms.

My favorite and strongest skills are gameplay and tools programming, but I love learning new things and am always willing to face new challenges.


Unity Development
Unity has always been my main development tool and I've learned a lot about it. I can create scenes with nice and performant lighting, set up animators and animations, use the Timeline. I'm always learning and even after three years, I keep finding new things to help me do my job.
I love implementing UI in Unity. It can be tricky to have UI that looks good and is highly responsive and also performs well on mobile or lower-end devices, but I ended up loving that task.
Implementing the mechanics in a way that feels right is something I truly love. From allowing the player to move exactly the way he expects to move to coding feedback that brings the game to life. Gameplay programming is where I have the most experience and my favorite task.
Working with other developers to make their lives -or work, at least- easier is fun. You get immediate feedback and can really see the impact of your work in development times.
I got to try out VR this year and... it blew my mind. I immediately knew I wanted to make tons of VR experiences. The level of immersion, the potential, the community: I love everything about VR. I'm currently working on my first VR project, but got the hang of it fairly quickly.
Games are more fun if you share them with friends. I've done simple multiplayer games in the past and am currently working on a bigger one. There's too much to learn, but I enjoy it.
I have played with shaders before and the results you can achieve are amazing. Visuals are a great way to blow the players' mind and a weird effect they have never seen before can make the difference between a nice game and an unforgettable experience. I want to improve my skills on this subject.


I've worked on multiple small projects. Some of them were finished, some of them were trashed. I'm always working on new things, whether it is simple experiments or big-scale projects.

The Worst Grim Reaper: Soul Mates (2019)

The Worst Grim Reaper: Soul Mates is a game I developed with Moon Moon Moon for a challenge organized by Bose and Playcrafting. The game uses Bose AR, a technology that allowed us to create an amazing storytelling experience that changes depending on the player's surroundings (weather, speed or location). I was responsible for implementing the UI and a few external APIs, coding some parts of the gameplay and polishing the overall user experience.

Tim Knol: I'm Not Ready For The City (2018)

Tim Knol: I'm Not Ready For The City was developed by Moon Moon Moon. I was the only programmer in the project. Appart from developing the game, I guided the sound designer in the process of implementing audio with code using the observer pattern. This was my first published iOS game.

The Worst Grim Reaper (unreleased)

The Worst Grim Reaper is being developed by Moon Moon Moon. I'm the technical lead and only programmer of this game, working with a composer who writes the story and a musician who came up with the idea and draws the entire game.

React! (2015)

React! was developed in about 12 hours for Ludum Dare. It did pretty well and was featured by Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Geek Squad. I was the only programmer and Unity developer of this game.

Birds Birds Birds (2017)

Birds Birds Birds was developed for Ludum Dare. I was the only programmer of the team.

Node-based dialogues editor

I developed the node-based dialogues editor for The Worst Grim Reaper. It allows the creation of branching dialogues with not only conversations and choices, but also actions and animations. It's set to be released later this year on the asset store.

Tomorrow (or When the world is not bigger than a house) (2017)

Tomorrow (or When the world is not bigger than a house) is a simple game about how being trapped in your own house and a very basic routine can lead to depression. I helped with design and coded this game.


Let's talk! Contact me at and I'll get back to you immediately.

You can also find me on Twitter @MartinRookbird.